Home Organized: Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and Dad’s always seem to be the hardest people to buy gifts for! Instead of buying your Dad another tacky tie he will never wear, check out these great gift options.

  1. Organizing session with The Home Organized: Of course we were going to put this on here. What Dad wouldn’t want his office or garage organized?!

  2. Monthly beer subscription: Check out the Rare Beer Club. They offer three subscription options and deliver beer each month right to your front door! Your Dad can be reminded of how much you love him every month over a bottle of beer!

  3. Tickets to his favorite sporting event: If your Dad is a big sports fan this is a great gift idea! You can give him tickets to a basketball or football game and go with him.

  4. Parasailing: I’ve always wanted to go parasailing and who better to go with than your Dad? You can have some bonding time while flying through the sky! We love Experience Alabama and they recommend booking with Chute for the Skye.

  5. Meat Subscription: A subscription to Butcher Box is a perfect gift for Dads who like to grill. He can customize his monthly deliveries and cook high quality meats for the fam!

Hope these ideas inspire you to think outside the box when shopping for your Dad this Father’s Day!

Clara Schoen
Home Organized: Summer Activities for families

Need some fun summer activities to do with the kids? We have got you covered. Here are some things to do with the kids (that dont involved buying all the toys - or at least get you out of the house)

  1. Visit your local library. They tend to have tons of activities during the summer for different age groups. Visit your local library’s website for events near you.

  2. When in doubt, visit a splash park. Some are free and some arent, but its a fun outing for the kids and Momma can sit and watch.

  3. Try out a Food Tour or water tour. I am OBSESSED with Mobile’s Bienville Bites Food Tour and Gulf Coast Ducks! If you are in our visiting Mobile, these are a MUST!

  4. Zoo or Museum Membership. Even if you go only a few times, the membership pays for itself.

  5. Painting/pottery/art class. We have done art classes the past two summers and my son has loved it!

Happy start to summer, y’all! We’re kicking it off with a vacation without our kids - and I must say, it’s been nice!! See y’all soon!

Clara Schoen
Home Organized: New Logo

I’m am so excited to share with y’all the new logo for The Home Organized. I have been wanting to update it for about 6 months or so and finally decided now was the perfect time. I knew wanted something clean and simple, that felt like me and represented us as a growing company. My team member Taylor suggested her friend Casey Kendall as the person to help re-brand. It was also important to work with someone who was a good fit - and we hit it off right away! Casey and I had a clear vision about the direction we were going to go.

We started with the shades of blue. If you know me, I love the color blue. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and trust. Blue is also considered beneficial to the mind and body. All these are important aspects of The Home Organized. My clients have to have faith and trust in me coming in to their intimate spaces. I want them to feel relaxed and confident that me and my team are there to help transform their spaces in to a place that brings happiness and wellness for their family and themselves. I want them to know I deeply care about each of them and their well being and that even in a color - we want that to be reflected.

Next, the script font for The Home feels like a handwritten note. We are entering peoples most private spaces. I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. Almost like inviting a friend over for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Finally, the word Organized relates back to what we are doing in a client space. It comes after the initial meet. Its when we have spent hours working to bring the chaos to calm. Tidying up, well kept, and functional, while also beautiful.

Thank you for being a part of this re-branding and I am thrilled to continue to share all the exciting new things ahead.

Clara Schoen
Home Organized: Kid School work storage solutions

Congratulations! You and your kids survived another school year and its (almost) summer break! But, they come home with ALL those art projects and homework sheets and you have no idea what to do with it. Dont despair, here are 3 things to get you sorted for the year.

  1. Trash the non important papers. Keep it limited on what you deem worth saving - hand prints, short stories, favorite artwork. If everything is special, nothing is.

  2. Take a picture of it and create a Chatbook (use code CLARASCHOEN-XA3Y for your first book FREE) or mail the saved items to ArtKive (use code 'TheHomeOrganized’ for a discount). Once done, trash the remainder of paperwork. No fuss, no muss.

  3. Put in a file box. We have 1 box for both my kids artwork from baby to 12th grade. Everything important fits in to that one box. That way, we keep truly whats important and toss the rest.

CHEERS to the end of the year, friend! You got this.

Home Organized: Mothers Day Gift Guide

This is not your typical Mothers Day gift guide (and Im clearly late to the game on posting). If you haven’t figured out by now, I am not really into buying stuff we dont need . I am a big fan of giving Moms things they wouldn’t normally get themselves that also dont junk up their spaces. Here are 6 things to give your special lady this Mothers Day.

  1. Home Organizer. Yea, I can be a gift. Why not take a burden off Mom and give her the gift of someone else helping to declutter and organize her spaces.

  2. Restaurant gift card. Whats a place she has been dying to try or loves to go on the regular? Treat her with a delicious meal (and your company - because Moms usually like their kids around). Any meal they dont have to cook is a major win!

  3. Day at the Spa. I dont know about you, but my poor hands and feet are rough from working all day/everyday between kids and clients. I bet your Mom could use a break too and wouldn’t mind a little mani/pedi or massage. Or a nap. I will gladly pay for a nap.

  4. Wine or coffee subscription. Check out Scout and Cellar or Atlas Coffee Club. Because one or both are usually needed in the course of the day with kids.

  5. A weekend trip. Plan a trip somewhere close or far away. Surprise her with the details. A night away from home can do wonders for a Moms sanity.

  6. A hug, kiss, flowers and a thank you. Those 4 things go a long way. Trust me.

And there you have it. Our favorite non-gift items for your Mom that she will love. Happy Mother’s Day weekend, yall!

Clara Schoen
Home Organized: Complete Closet Makeover

I seriously had been dreaming about organizing this closet space since I met my client back in October 2018. I had worked on several of her other beautiful spaces (pantry, playroom, daughters room, laundry room, linen and catch all closet), but MAN O MAN, I was just waiting for the day she would tell me I could organize the closet. As cheesy as this sounds, as the date approached I got so giddy at times I couldn’t help but cheer to myself. This closets bones are beautiful, and I wanted it to be as stunning as my client hoped it to be (and as stress free as possible)! I was ready to dive in and get. it. done.

I was excited when she sent me the most gorgeous acrylic hangers and asked if we could use them in the closet. UMMMM, All the YESSS!!! I had wanted to use these amazing Closet Complete Hangers for so long and when I got them in, they were even prettier than I had hoped! I’ve gotten to use Closet Completes velvet hangers and knew they were great hangers so had full confidence these bad boys were going to be just as sturdy. Now, I know it might seem strange to get THIS excited for hangers and closet organization, but what can I say, I love what I do!

The closet itself needed a good decluttering. So like always, we pulled everything out, sorted in to categories, purged, reworked some of the spaces to make more sense (shoes on adjusted shelves, shirts in drawers) and of course colored coded within the categories. We pulled the extra clothes from the bedroom as well and had to do some major tweaking to really make sense of some of the space.

Overall though, we are pretty ecstatic about the space. I hope you enjoy these afters as much as we do. For more of our work, check us out on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by!

picture 1.jpg
picture 2.jpg
picture 3.jpg
picture 4.jpg
Home Organized: What to do with inherited items

What once was theirs is now yours. It hard enough when you lose a loved one, but sometimes bringing their belongings in to your home is an added stressor. The items are not your style. You feel guilty since it was theirs. Where do put it? I feel guilty so I should keep it. But what if someone asks me where it is?

All these questions arise irreproachably when you are inheriting items and/or furniture after a loved one passed away. I get it. I’ve lost all 4 grandparents and even among all the grand-kids, it was a lot of stuff.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Get rid of the items you don’t love. Its ok to part with them. You do not need every item to remember that person by. This is your home and space. Make it what you want it to be, not just a place that holds other peoples stuff.

2. Getting rid of items wont erase or diminish the love or memory you have of them. I have a few favorite items from each grandparent that are super special and remember them either using or being in their home. My Poppy and Oma’s chair from their bedroom, wine glasses, tea stirrers. Keep the favorites and part with the rest.

3. Offer the items to a relative Our rule of thumb is to always offer those unwanted heirlooms to my siblings and cousins. If there are no takers, its totally fine then to pass them along to an organization that would love those items.

There you have it. Give yourself grace, allow yourself to let go and enjoy your space, guilt free. Because after all, it is your space.

Clara Schoen
Home Organized: Mail Storage

Mail drives me crazy. It comes daily and there is so much unnecessary waste. There are ways to stop mail from coming, but today I am only going to address how to edit what comes in the house.

Did you know that about 80% of the mail you get isn’t useful or necessary in the home? Ewwww, David! (Schitts Creek anyone?) Crazy, right? That is a lot of clutter that needs to stop before you ever step foot inside.

First - keep a recycling bin and trash outside our house (or you can do it by whatever door you enter in the house) and toss immediately. Get rid of unwanted magazines, junk mail, etc. What I’m usually left with after tossing the excess is nothing or a random bill that isn’t paid online. Now that I have eliminated the majority of stuff, I can handle whatever is left very easily.

I have a hanging file system in my kitchen (thats where all our stuff tends to land) with 3 file folders. Yup, just 3. No over complicated systems here. So the three folders are labeled: TO DO, TO FILE, OUTGOING.

Here is what goes in each:

Any bills that need to be paid, school papers that need to be looked at and signed, etc.

Long term items that have to be kept. IE Tax documents, medical bills, etc. Again, most things dont need to be filed. You can take a picture and email it to yourself if you would rather toss the paper.


Bills that are paid, school paperwork to be returned, thank you notes, etc.

Andddddd, thats it. Simple, maintainable, affordable. Those are three things I can get on board with. Hope this helps you cut down the paper clutter and enjoy your counters again.

Clara Schoen